Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

April Social 2017Monday 3 April

A well-attended street score with a twist, in South Edinburgh.

The April social was hosted by Ian and Eleanor Pyrah, who set up a "Russian Roulette Score", with the intention of introducing some luck into proceedings, in order to spread the prizes around.

Sally Lindsay reports:
“There were 30 widely-spread control sites in the area around Ian and Eleanor’s house, and we had an hour to find as many as possible. As well as the map, we were provided with a sheet giving two answers for each control site - you simply had to indicate which was correct. Most sites were postboxes, with possible postcodes listed, while the 50-point controls had simple questions.
The twist was that you were allowed to guess the answers for controls you didn’t visit. However, the controls were in sections - 6 with 10 points, 6 with 20 points, and so on. In each section, there was one question whose answer was crucial, because if you got that one wrong, all your points for the section were cancelled - but no-one knew which question that was.
Various approaches were taken. Most people guessed at least some answers, while some guessed all the answers in one or more sections! While the scores were worked out, we all enjoyed a lovely buffet and some fine cakes, with much discussion about where everyone had gone, and also post-mortems following the challenging orienteering during the “Double Dukes” weekend.

The prize-winners were:
1st male (and overall winner) - Crawford Lindsay
1st female - Margaret Dalgleish
2nd female - Fran Humphrey
2nd male - Ben Brown
3rd female - Judy Bell
3rd male - Martin Caldwell
4th female - Alison Cunningham

Many thanks to Ian and Eleanor for an excellent evening.”

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