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August Social 2015 - Manor Valley RunMonday 17 August

A warmish and calm evening for the run in the Borders west of Peebles

If you didn't make it along to the Manor Valley you missed a super run, followed by lots of chat about the Scottish 6 Days, World Champs and other O-related activities.

Mike Stewart reports:

"Thanks from myself, and on behalf of all other attendees, to Roger and Claire for their hospitality in putting on the August social event at their place in the Manor Valley.
This was my first ESOC social in a long time so it was useful for me to find out exactly who is still in our club and what other faces around the O scene are actually members of our club. People seemed to recognise my face so I haven’t aged too much in the interim! Roger was very impressive with his traffic management skills and can get a job at the Council in Edinburgh anytime he feels up for it. No tickets were issued to errant parkers and nobody got their car scraped during the 7 point exit turns.
Claire did a great domestic goddess performance with a bulging food spread provided by most of the attendees. The choice of tarts and savouries went down well with the club gannets. Myself and other unnamed parties hardly moved from the kitchen table all evening. Thanks to all who fed the 5000. I never brought anything as I was disorganised and running late in my usual fashion. So if anybody can suggest a place to donate some monies to I shall do so.
I got the story of Roger’s extension building prowess and I have added him to my tender list for my own approaching renovation project. Plans are now approved by building control. Are you VAT registered Roger?
The real reason I went there was to see the place without having to wear my work clothes. For those of you who are better informed than I, you will know that the OMM mountain marathon is in this area and I am the planner. It was enjoyable to labour over the hills on a trot without it being work related. Roger has a 9km circuit around the tops which involves a lot of fly catching and heather hopping. Roger chased Nigel, who worried about Ewart, who raced me, who chatted to Ian, who all swapped places till we got back to base camp. Other parties were wandering around the 'John Buchan'(?) trail on our homeward run. The likely lads almost looked like athletes as we hurtled downhill past them. Gravity is a great thing but I can reveal there was not a lot of running going on during the uphill bits.
Thanks to whoever invites me annually to renew my membership so I am still in a club. See you all at my next social event in three years' time, or at an event where I can run round with my hounds."

Thanks again to Roger and Claire.

The attached photo shows a few of the Manor Valley runners before they set off.

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