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August Social 2016 - Manor Valley RunMonday 8 August

This social incorporated Jim Clark's 80th birthday celebration. Jo Stevenson, home for a short break, reports on the run and evening festivities.

Claire and Roger Garnett were very brave to invite the ESOC crew for another Manor Valley run at their house on 8 August.

This was a blast from the past for me and Walter, who had grown up with the Pyatt version of the Manor Valley Run and had not been along for roughly 25 years. However, the format is as popular as ever!

Around 20 runners headed out on a variety of runs. It was an absolutely beautiful evening and made us glad to be alive!

Walter and I headed off with my dad, Dave Kershaw and Ewart Scott. We were determined to beat the old-timers, conscious that they very much still think of us as the kids and that technically we should be faster than them. We left them for dead as we headed into the forest, pausing only in an attempt to log in to Pokemon Go (unsuccessfully).

Walking up towards the top of the hill, we had confidently left the others behind, but after stopping for a few selfies we had lost time, and were chased hard down the hill by the M65+ crowd, and despite their sprint finish attempt were only just able to hold off the chasing pack. Ewart was slowed down by carrying the club’s defibrillator for the older generation.

It was Jim Clark’s 80th birthday on the night and the assembled ESOC crowd treated him to a full on chorus of Happy Birthday, accompanied expertly by Claire Garnett on the piano.

A big thank you to Claire and Roger for another great social event.

Jo Stevenson

Photos by Jo Stevenson, Roger Garnett and Margaret Dalgleish

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