Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

August Social 2022Roseburn, Tuesday 23 August

This ESOC social included an old-fashioned lamp-post-O or a foot Turf event (the 5th ESOC Foot Turf Tuesday), plus refreshments afterwards.

After a slow start, there was a sudden last-minute rush of entries, leading to a great turnout for the August social with fairly even numbers orienteering and turfing. Both events ran from 7 till 8pm, in the area around Roseburn and Murrayfield, on a balmy evening.

The orienteering was planned by me (Sally Lindsay), and was a nostalgic score event on a hand-drawn map (based on a social from 17 years ago), with lamp posts marked on the map. Competitors had to visit as many lamp posts as they could within the hour, and note the lamp post numbers.
The foot Turf event, ESOC FTT#5, was planned by Crawford Lindsay, in a similar area. There were zones along the Water of Leith walkway and in surrounding streets, plus an area of “micro-turfing” with 11 zones close together in the eastern part of the park. This soon attracted interest and became quite busy.

Everyone gathered afterwards for the results. Some complicated arithmetic finally revealed the orienteering winners:
Martin Caldwell – Men
Rachel Kennedy – Women
Linda & Tom Uutela – Spot prize (for the total of their lamp post numbers)

In the Turf event, the winners were:
Lightinkorean – Junior (and overall winner)
MarkkuEsoc – Senior (male)
EsocKisaKat – Female (running as ESOCJeneral)
The Turf event map and full results are available on the ESOC FTT#5 Event page on the Turf website.
Details of how a Turf event works are in this document: Participating in a Turf Event

Most crossed the main road to the beer garden of the Murrayfield Hotel for drinks and post-event chat. Hope everyone enjoyed the evening – thank you for coming.

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