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British Sprint & Middle Championships 2014Keele University/Brereton Spurs, 6/7 September

ESOC Sprint and Middle enthusiasts travelled to the Midlands for these major events, and enjoyed good competition in fine weather.

The British Sprint Championships event was at Keele University, near Stoke on Trent, on Saturday 6 September. The campus is a complicated mixture of residential and academic buildings, mostly modern, separated by open grassy areas, parkland with mature trees, pathways, steps and covered walkways – a good variety. The heats and finals were in different parts of the campus. The weather was dry; cloudy at first and sunny later, and the main assembly area was a paved plaza outside the student union building, so there was much socialising and discussion of route choice while waiting for the results from the heats and start times for the finals.

Most classes with ESOC competitors had 3 parallel heats, and the total number of competitors was as follows: Men’s Open – 90; M40 – 22; M55 – 47; M65 – 52; M70 – 18; Women’s Open – 54; W35 – 6; W45 – 41; W55 – 26; W70 – 10. For any class with more than 36 competitors, 6 from each heat qualified for the A final. In M40, W55 and W70, 5 from each heat qualified, and in M70, just 4 from each heat qualified. The number qualifying for the B final varied, depending on the size of the class, but generally around half the remaining competitors were in the B final, with the rest in the C final.
Results were often very close, and a few seconds lost could mean a lower final, or a result several places further down. ESOC’s best results came from Janice Nisbet, who was 2nd in W60 and Eleanor Pyrah, 3rd in W70.

Other ESOC results from the final were:
Men’s Open B – Andrew Lindsay 18th
Men’s Open C – Craig Nolan 6th
M40 A – Chris Lewis 7th, Mark Rowe 15th
M55 C – Crawford Lindsay 4th
M65 B – Roger Scrutton 2nd
M70 A – Ian Pyrah 7th
M70 B – Brian Yates 3rd
Women’s Open B – Rona Lindsay 8th
W35 A – Jeni Rowe 5th
W45 A – Helena Nolan 7th
W55 B – Sally Lindsay 2nd

The results are available on the British Sprint Championships 2014 page of the British Orienteering website.

The British Middle Distance Championships event was at Brereton Spurs, in the southern part of Cannock Chase, near Rugeley, on Sunday 7 September. The terrain is mostly wooded, with many spurs and gullies in the steeply sloping southern part, some thick undergrowth (brambles and bracken), and vaguer terrain in the northern part of the area. Towards the end of most courses, it was very rough in places, with rubble and broken ground. The weather was warm and sunny, and there was a good atmosphere in the assembly field, with commentary throughout.

ESOC results were as follows:
M20 (21 competitors) – Andrew Lindsay 4th, Craig Nolan 9th
M40 (26) – Chris Lewis 9th
M55 (53) – Crawford Lindsay 29th
M65 (54) – Roger Scrutton 11th,
M70 (32) – Ian Pyrah 6th, Brian Yates 26th
W20 (12) – Rona Lindsay 5th
W45 (47) – Helena Nolan 15th
W55 (28) – Sally Lindsay 5th
W70 (16) – Eleanor Pyrah 7th

Full results, including Routegadget, are available on the Walton Chasers website.
Further details about the event are available on the British Middle Champs website.

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