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British Sprint & Middle Distance Championships 2019Loughborough University/Chinley Churn, 14/15 September

A good crowd from ESOC travelled south for the British Sprint and Middle Distance Championships, with several winners as well as some other great results.

The British Sprint Championships event on Saturday 14 September was at Loughborough University. The event centre was in the middle of the campus, with good indoor facilities in the event centre, though it was a fine, sunny day so most people based themselves outdoors. The campus covers a large area, and has a complex mix of residential, academic and sports buildings, with gardens, open grassy areas and some woodland, along a ridge. The halls of residence have many small pathways and similar-looking courtyards, giving challenging navigation at speed. The heats and finals were in different parts of the campus, though the finish was the same for both.

The total entries in the classes with ESOC competitors were as follows: M10 - 16; M50 - 52; M55 - 49; M60 - 48; M70 - 29; M75 - 9; W12 - 13; W14 - 22; W16 - 19; W45 - 23; W50 - 28; W55 - 43; W60 - 24; W65 - 14; W75 - 6. Most classes had several parallel heats, and the number qualifying for the A final depended on the entry in the class, as follows:

  1. Larger classes (M50, M55, M60, M70, W50, W55) had 3 parallel heats, with 6 from each heat qualifying for the A final.
  2. W14, W16, W45 and W60 had 3 heats, with 4 from each heat qualifying for the A final.
  3. M10, W12 and W65 had 2 heats, with 4 from each qualifying for the A final.
  4. M75 and W75 had single heats, with 5 and 3 respectively qualifying for the A final.

Results were often very close, and a few seconds lost could mean competing in a lower final, or a result several places further down. ESOC’s best results came from Alison Cunningham, who won W55, and Eleanor Pyrah, who won W75.
Other ESOC results:
W12B – Megan Brown 3rd
W14A – Maja Robertson 6th
W16A – Rachel Brown 3rd
M50A – Mark Wood 12th
M55C – David Robertson 9th
M60B – Crawford Lindsay 16th
M70A – Roger Scrutton 14th
M75A – Ian Pyrah 3rd
M75B – Brian Yates 2nd
W Open A – Laura Robertson 5th
W45B – Hanne Robertson 8th
W50A – Helena Nolan 7th
W50B – Judy Bell 4th
W60A – Sally Lindsay 6th
W65A – Janice Nisbet 3rd
W65B – Rhona Fraser 4th

Further details about the event are currently available on the British Sprint Championships website, and the final details document is here. Full results are on the SPORTident British Sprint results page.

The British Middle Distance Championships event took place on Sunday 15 September at Chinley Churn, in the Peak District National Park north of Buxton. This is an open grassy hill running N-S, with a steep escarpment on the E side covered in old quarry workings, where there are many small hills, boulders, crags and depressions giving complex and challenging navigation on steep, sometimes rocky slopes. The W side of the hill slopes more gently, and the assembly area was on this side, with a good view of the final controls.
The weather was very misty at first, impeding early runners, but cleared later.

The best ESOC results came from Janice Nisbet, who won W65, and Eleanor Pyrah, who won her second gold medal of the weekend in W75.
Other ESOC results were as follows:
M10 (17 competitors) – Calum Robertson 13th
M45 (39) – Peter O’Hara 33rd
M50 (54) – Mark Wood 32nd, Ronnie Nolan 40th
M60 (48) – Crawford Lindsay 27th
M70 (39) – Roger Scrutton 12th
M75 (18) – Ian Pyrah 3rd, Brian Yates 14th
W12 (16) – Megan Brown 9th
W14 (24) – Maja Robertson 7th
W16 (23) – Rachel Brown 2nd
W21 (32) – Laura Robertson 8th
W45 (32) – Hanne Robertson 12th
W50 (40) – Helena Nolan 10th, Judy Bell 33rd
W55 (41) – Alison Cunningham 2nd
W60 (30) – Sally Lindsay 16th
W65 (19) – Mary Williams 6th, Rhona Fraser 14th

Further details about the event are currently available on the British Middle Championships website, and the final details are here, on the Derwent Valley Orienteers website. Full results are here.

These events were the 18th and 19th in the 2019 UK Orienteering League. There are more details about the UKOL, including the league tables, on the UK Orienteering League page of the British Orienteering website. ESOC is now lying 10th in the club league. The score for each club is calculated automatically from the 15 best club members' scores (across various age class groups) - so the club members whose scores are included change as the year goes on.

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