Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

Carlisle Urban Event29 September 2012

A few of ESOC’s urban enthusiasts made a weekend of it, competing at the Nopesport Urban League event in Carlisle the day before the CompassSport Cup final.

The Carlisle Urban Event was on Saturday 29 September, with the event centre at the Sheepmount Stadium, NW of the town centre. The courses started in parkland, crossed the main roads via underpasses and/or a footbridge, and visited the very busy pedestrian areas in the town centre, where the major challenge was avoiding all the people. There were old buildings and narrow alleyways as well as newer development. It was mostly quite flat, and damp underfoot in the parkland. The weather was fine and mild, with sunny spells.

ESOC results:
Men’s Open - Andrew Dalgleish 10th, Andrew Lindsay 16th, Mark Wood 19th
Men’s Supervet - Crawford Lindsay 23rd, Les Dalgleish 36th
Men’s Ultravet - Ian Pyrah 2nd, Brian Yates 19th
Women’s Junior - Kerry Wood 8th
Women’s Supervet - Janice Nisbet 3rd, Sally Lindsay 6th, Margaret Dalgleish 10th
Women’s Ultravet - Eleanor Pyrah 4th

There was also a free micro-O in a taped maze, which was very short but great fun, and Andrew Lindsay was the joint winner of this.

Full results, Routegadget and links to photos are on the Borderliners website.

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