Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

Club Championships 2011

Results from the 2011 ESOC club championships.

Our ESOC club championships were held alongside the ESOA championships this year, which were at Dechmont and Deans in Livingston. See this news item for a report from the event.

The dinner and prize giving was held at Swanston Golf Club; thanks to Alison for organising such an excellent evening!

Results were as follows:

Novice Juniors: 1st Rachel Brown, 2nd Euan Mackay, 3rd Megan Brown.
Junior Girls: (n/a)
Junior Boys: 1st Ben Brown, 2nd Peter Fawthrop, 3rd Max MacDonald
Experienced Girls: 1st Andie Caldwell
Experienced Boys: 1st Jamie Fawthrop
Senior Girls: Eilidh Nolan
Senior Boys: Jamie Cunningham

Men’s Open: 1st Mark Wood, 2nd Andrew Lindsay, 3rd Alistair Hindle
Women’s Open: 1st Rona Lindsay
Men’s Veteran: 1st Mike Stewart, 2nd Crawford Lindsay, 3rd Roger Scrutton
Women’s Veteran: 1st Alison Cunningham, 2nd Janice Nisbet, 3rd Rachel Fawthrop
Super Veteran: 1st Eleanor Pyrah, 2nd Ian Pyrah*, 3rd Bill Gauld*

* Ian and Bill were 2nd and 3rd if M/W60s were not included. Due to a clash in course allocation for the ESOA champs we put them in with the vets. If the same formula was applied to the 60s Roger Scrutton would have been 2nd and Mary Williams 3rd. Eleanor, however, was the undisputed champion!

Thanks to Interløpers for organising the event (and allowing us to use it for our club champs!). Also a special mention to Mike Stewart who recognised afterwards he had crossed an out of bounds road and did the ‘proper thing’ and declared himself non competitive at the event (thus handing back his ESOA champs trophy). However, ESOC decided his run was by far and away the best performance of the day for Veteran Men and a unanimous decision to make him keep the trophy was made! Congratulations.

Well done to everyone!

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