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CompassSport Cup Final 2012Teviothead, 30 September

Sterling performances from ESOC team members, in atrocious conditions, secured 6th place against some very tough competition - well done to all!

Sunday was one of those orienteering days that will be remembered for a long time to come. It wasn’t the wettest and coldest run I’ve had (that was SOL7 2009, at Beecraigs), or the muddiest (that was JK day 2 2010, at Cookworthy Forest in Devon), but it was rather an epic day all in all. The tent was a struggle to put up, but five of us eventually tamed it enough to provide some shelter for ESOC members and hangers-on. The rain, which had been forecast to stop after breakfast, was driven along by a strong south-wester for much of the day, only finally relenting for the prizegiving. The start was in a very exposed location, and the start crew were steadfastly cheerful despite the appalling conditions. Like many, I wore my cagoule from the car and all through the race, and indeed never put my hood down, so bad was the rain and wind. Yet strangely, it was exhilarating, and I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge, although being an open area the actual orienteering was less technical than in a forest, and finding the controls was relatively simple if you managed to keep in contact with the map.
There were 54 club members running on Sunday, with some great performances in the circumstances. I am very proud of our efforts – we came 6th, out of 12. Sadly, the weather meant it wasn’t much of a social occasion, but the cakes provided by Eleanor Pyrah, Rona Lindsay and Andrew & Sally Lindsay were much appreciated.

Our scorers were:
Craig Nolan – Light Green Men – 96
Rona Lindsay – Green Women – 96
Bill Gauld – Short Green Vets – 94
Andrew Lindsay – Blue Men – 92
Helen Bridle – Blue Women – 92
Margaret Dalgleish – Short Green Vets – 90
Mary Williams – Short Green Vets – 88
Roger Garnett – Green Men – 86
Roger Scrutton – Green Men – 80
Andrew Dalgleish – Brown – 79
Jim Clark – Short Green Vets – 76
Heather Thomson – Blue Women – 74
Janice Nisbet – Green Women – 74
Jim Martin – Brown – 69
Crawford Lindsay – Blue Men – 68
Alison Cunningham – Green Women – 66
Peter O’Hara – Brown – 60
Alistair Hindle – Brown – 58
Sally Lindsay – Green Women – 56
Keith Brown – Blue Men – 55
Mark Rowe – Brown – 54
Mike Stewart – Blue Men – 53
Ian Pyrah – Green Men – 52
Alistair Armitage – Blue Men – 40
Ewart Scott – Green Men – 40

Full results can be found here.

Crawford Lindsay
Club Captain

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