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CompassSport Cup Scottish Heat 2017Tentsmuir North, 12 March

ESOC members enjoyed this year’s CSC Heat.

The 2017 Scottish heat for the CompassSport Cup and Trophy was hosted by Kingdom of Fife Orienteers. ESOC did not enter the competition this year, as the final (at the end of October) is way down south near Plymouth. The heat event was open to all, though, and plenty of ESOC members were there. As we hadn’t entered the competition, everyone was free to run whatever course they liked, and several ran up (or down).

Tentsmuir Forest is at the mouth of the Tay estuary, and is a large area of plantation forest with a network of tracks and paths. This event was at the north end of the forest, near Tayport, just across the river from Dundee. The terrain is generally quite flat, with intricate contour detail on parallel lines of steep sanddunes. Underfoot conditions were mostly dry and sandy, though the vegetation was damp, so most ended up with wet feet. Further from the shoreline, there had been some thinning, with a lot of brashings in some forest blocks, where the going was slower.
The weather was fine, with early mist followed by sunny spells, clouding over later on.

ESOC members in the top half of the results for their course were:
Blue Women (35 competitors) - Laura Robertson 2nd, Alison Cunningham 16th
Blue Men (52) - Keith Brown 7th, Clive Masson 15th, Crawford Lindsay 25th
Green Women (55) - Rona Lindsay 3rd, Maggie Scrugham 13th, Kerry Wood 17th, Judy Bell 26th
Short Green (59) - Rachel Brown 4th, Mary Williams 24th
Yellow (16) - Megan Brown 7th

Full results are available here; Routegadget and other analysis are on the results page of the KFO website.

Further details about the CompassSport Cup and Trophy are on the CompassSport Cup Coordinator’s webpage.

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