Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

December Social 2014Monday 8 December

Score courses and a festive quiz for ESOC members who ventured out to the icy wastes of Penicuik.

The December social was held in Penicuik at Les and Margaret Dalgleish's home. Penicuik is known for its potential for ice and snow for the December social, and it didn't disappoint on this occasion. 14 ESOC members gathered for the social and 8 of those hardy souls ventured out into the cold, icy weather to run Les's score courses. There were 2 courses available, one which was 60 minutes and the other 50 minutes. These were very informal, relaxed courses with no time penalty for late returns, and a relaxed approach to accuracy for the answers. After stern warnings to take care, and not to be late back, as search parties would be deployed sooner rather than later due to the conditions, the brave set out and the others stayed in the warm to play with 4 month old Noah who provided fine entertainment.

After some early returns, everyone enjoyed some food to warm up and plenty of the usual ESOC chat. There was also a Festive Quiz to have a go at, which had entrants guessing (if they didn't actually know) the language of 10 versions of 'Merry Christmas'. Fortunately Les had provided 16 countries to choose from.

Martin Caldwell won the Long Score, with Crawford Lindsay second (2 competitors). Roger Scrutton won the Short course, with Ian Pyrah second and Sally Lindsay third. Maggie Scrugham, Janice Nisbet and Eleanor Pyrah had honourable mentions! Small chocolate prizes were on offer, and with the small number of runners taking part, there was enough for all runners to get a small chocolate prize.

Sally won the 'Merry Christmas' Quiz, with 11 out of 12 correct answers.

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