Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

December Social 2017Monday 4 December

Cunning running in Penicuik.

Janet Clark writes about Roger Scrutton's cunning plan for those who ventured to Penicuik for the December Social:

"Roger's multi-layered Score Course among the intricate system of streets and pathways in the Marchburn area of Penicuik was enormous fun. 24 controls to visit in fifty minutes was the straightforward part, though the "OpenStreetMap" caused a bit of confusion in places. At each control was a strip of laminated paper with a letter and a question. On your Answer Sheet, you recorded the letter - not too difficult so far. Then came the question, each one more esoteric than the last,
e.g. What is a theramin?
A) A musical instrument; B) An instrument for recording minimum temperature.
When was the first single-handed circumnavigation of the globe?
A) 1898; B) 1967.
You recorded your answer, A or B, for each control beside the letter. A wide variety of scientific, literary and general knowledge was needed for this.

Then there was a multi-layered system of scoring. Fast runners and good route-planners were rewarded for the number of controls visited. The winner, Alison, visited all controls in a few seconds under the fifty minutes, thereby demonstrating Roger's fine judgement in planning. There were rewards for the highest proportion of right answers relative to the number of controls visited, giving a chance to slower runners with a better (or luckier) headful of random facts; and then there were spot prizes awarded for nothing other than pure luck!

The questions and answers were avidly pored over afterwards, while enjoying a fine spread which was crowned with two enormous cakes baked by Roger, one chocolate and one fruit.
Thank you very much Roger, for a great social evening."

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