Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

December Social 2018Monday 3 December

“Impossible O” in Blackhall.

The December social was hosted by Alastair and Katy Lessells. The orienteering was a street score event in the streets around Blackhall, followed by food, drink and much puzzling, enjoyed by everyone.

For those who weren’t there, here’s the puzzle. In each question, one of the 3 answers is impossible: you get 10 points for a correct answer, and -10 points for an impossible answer.

1 Which is the 2nd most populous US state? Texas Ontario California
2 Agatha Christie’s maiden name was: Marple Mallowan Miller
3 In Monopoly which yellow property is worth most? Piccadilly Coventry Street Regent Street
4 Who was Elizabeth Taylor’s second husband? Richard Burton Larry Fisher Michael Wilding
5 Which Korean car maker had a model “Pony”? Daewoo Hyundai Toyota
6 What was the first Rogers and Hammerstein musical? South Pacific Top Hat Oklahoma
7 Which station on the Piccadilly line is nearest to Covent Garden? Holburn Tottenham Court Road Leicester Square
8 Which American President was assassinated in 1901? William McKinley Howard Taft James Garfield
9 Which English orienteering club has a green strip? HAVOC SWOC SOS
10 Who was Queen Victoria’s youngest child? Louise Beatrice Charlotte

And here’s the solution: December 2018 social - solution

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