Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

December Social 2019 - Christmas CroonersMonday 9 December

Elves, squirrels and other assorted festively dressed runners were spotted in South Edinburgh on Monday night. Yes, it was an ESOC Social!

Walter Clark reports:
"A hugely successful Christmas themed social took off on Monday 9 December at the Muir household in Marchmont!

Will Muir, who was recently the winning applicant for the hotly contested role of ESOC social coordinator, took matters into his own hands and delivered an excellent evening with wife Bec.

Christmas outfits were encouraged but not compulsory and as it turned out were fairly mixed, but in a good way! Alison Cunningham took home the trophy (there wasn’t a trophy) for best dressed as an extremely festive Christmas elf! A very impressive squirrel onesie with tinsel from guest Mark definitely gave her a run for her money in this category and lots of excellent festive attire was worn by the many ESOC members in attendance. Alison also ended up with the best score of the night and Ian Pyrah was top-placed man, not far behind.

There were extra bonus points available for those who identified the Xmas songs from the lyrics at the control points, but to be honest the songs were pretty tough to identify, so very few bonus points were earned on this front! There were also points available for stealing/grabbing and keeping one of the two Santa hats which were in circulation. And there were ALSO points for picking up one of the four ESOC river stones around the course, each of which is a total collector’s item, so don’t try to eBay these please!

Awesome to see some of our more recent members embracing the o fun and hosting and delivering an awesome event! Will had been on the recent course planning session run by Ian Pyrah and picked up lots of top tips.

Big congrats to Will, Bec, Jasmine and Lottie for a first class festive social - thank you!"

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