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Du’O’ 2022Alexandra Park, 4 December

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This was a 2-man relay, organised by STAG in a Glasgow park, and was reported to be a lot of fun. 

Alexandra Park is east of Glasgow City Centre, and lies on a hill, with a disused golf course providing fast, open running. The Du’O’ event was a 4 leg sprint relay for teams of 2, alternating between legs. The courses were short, 2 km or less, with ingenious reuse of controls. Teams could consist of any combination of runners, and a handicap system added a variable penalty to each team’s time, based on age and gender. It was a fun, sociable event. The weather threatened rain at first but was clear and chilly.

There were 33 teams, including 7 from ESOC. The best ESOC results were:
1st – Alison Cunningham & Ronnie Nolan
2nd – Les & Margaret Dalgleish
4th – Craig & Helena Nolan

Full results and comments about the event are available on the Du’O’ 2022 page of the STAG website.

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