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Edinburgh Seven Hills Tracker

A reminder about the Edinburgh Seven Hills tracker on Turf.

The Seven Hills tracker was set up for the February ESOC Turf Challenge, and it’s still available to all turfers. It will record your ascents of the Seven Hills of Edinburgh in each Turf round. All seven hills have turf zones - they are ArthursSeat, BlackfordHill, BraidView, CaltonHill, Craighill, HillGate, TheHillTower.

Here's a map:

If you have taken (or assisted at) any of the turf zones on the Seven Hills in the current Turf round, your turf name will be listed on the page, with your finish time if you’ve been to them all. Note that the zones listed are the ones you haven’t been to. And if you click on a turfer’s name, you can see the map of the hills, with details of when they were there in the current round (times are CET).

The lists for previous rounds can be displayed by selecting from the dropdown at the top of the page.

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