Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

ELO Festive Frolic 2012Newhailes, 29 December

Plenty of ESOC members enjoyed the East Lothian Orienteers’ Christmas event.

Newhailes is near Musselburgh, and is a National Trust for Scotland property. The grounds are fairly flat, with open grassland and woods. This is a fairly small area for orienteering, and ingenious puzzles made the most of it.
The event was a 60-minute score, with 24 controls and a mass start. The controls had festive themes, in pairs, and the aim was to punch both halves of each pair one after the other – this involved much running to and fro while checking. Points were available for each control punched (but only once), with bonus points for pairs, and penalty points for anyone late back.
As well as this, there was a separate map for a “Phot-O” competition, with 10 photos which had to be matched to various locations shown on the map. After downloading the score course, competitors then completed a micro-O course, punching the controls in order according to the Phot-O answers, and earning yet more points.

ESOC members in the top half of the results were as follows (there were 64 competitors):
Mark McLeod 3rd, Jo Stevenson 6th, Rona Lindsay 8th, Crawford Lindsay 9th, Jonathan Ellis 11th, Terry Johnstone 14th, Mary Williams 17th, Chris McLeod 22nd, Alistair Lessells 25th, Jim Clark 26th, Bill Stevenson 32nd.

Full results are available on the ELO website.

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