Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

ELO Festive Frolic 2018Levenhall Links, 29 December

ESOC members enjoyed the ELO Christmas score event, in fine (though breezy) weather.

The Festive Frolic is East Lothian Orienteers’ Christmas event, and as usual there was a festive twist, with additional points available for completing a puzzle.
Levenhall Links is on the shore at Musselburgh, and much of the area is reclaimed land, made up of ash from the old Cockenzie Power Station. The map includes Morrison’s Haven, an old harbour long since filled in, and the whole area has been landscaped to form a leisure park with open grassy parts, strips of woodland, a pond, and a good network of paths.
The event was a 60-minute score, with a mass start and penalty points for anyone late back. The controls were spread throughout the area, plus some bonus controls not shown on the map. There were pictures of animals at the controls. On return, the puzzle involved fitting the animal names into a crossword grid, and working out which number each letter corresponded to, as quickly as possible.
A late surge in entries, with many on the day (there were 120 competitors), meant that working out the results was challenging. Some prizes were awarded at the event, and a later recalculation included a penalty for anyone who spent longer than 10 minutes on the puzzle, which changed the results in several categories.

According to the final results, winners from ESOC were:
Rachel Brown – 1st overall, and 1st woman
Andrew Lindsay – 1st man
Alison Cunningham – 2nd woman
Heather Thomson – 3rd woman
Martin Caldwell – 1st Supervet man
Megan Brown – 1st smaller junior woman

Full results, including Routegadget and more details about the event, are available in the Festive Frolic news item on the ELO website.

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