Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

ESOA Championships 2012 / SoSOL 3Dalguise, 4 November

There was a good turnout from ESOC for the East of Scotland Championships, with plenty of trophies.  This event was also the ESOC Club Championships.

This year’s East of Scotland Championships were held in conjunction with the 3rd event in this season’s South of Scotland Orienteering League at Dalguise, near Dunkeld, in Perthshire, and was organised by TAY. These were the courses that had originally been planned for a SoSOL event in 2010, which had to be postponed 4 times for various good reasons. The weather was dry but quite cold, and underfoot conditions were very wet and often slippery in the fallen leaves. The terrain was mixed forest, steep and fairly rough in places, with a lot of fallen trees and some deep gullies. The longest courses had a timed-out leg along a track to take them up to the open hill and make the most of the area.

ESOC members in the top half of the results were:
Brown (18 competitors) – Andrew Lindsay 3rd, Craig Nolan 4th, Clive Masson 8th, Alistair Hindle 9th
Blue (30) – Mike Stewart 4th, Rona Lindsay 9th
Green (39) – Alastair Lessells 5th, Mary Williams 6th, Ian Pyrah 11th, Roger Scrutton 12th, Margaret Dalgleish 17th, Alison Cunningham 18th
Short Green (11) – Jim Clark 2nd, Eleanor Pyrah 4th, Janet Clark 5th
Orange (19) – Ben Brown 2nd, Kerry Wood 3rd, Lucie Duffy 6th
Yellow (15) – Rachel Brown 1st
White (7) – Megan Brown 1st

Congratulations to all the ESOC trophy winners in the East of Scotland Championships:
Rachel Brown (W10), Kerry Wood (W12), Rona Lindsay (W18), Mary Williams (W60), Eleanor Pyrah (W65), Janet Clark (W70),
Andrew Lindsay (M18), Clive Masson (M40), Mike Stewart (M50), Alastair Lessells (M65), Jim Clark (M75).

Full results from the event are available in the 2012 TAY Results Archive, and Routegadget is also available.

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