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ESOA Championships 2021Vogrie Country Park, 11 December

The East of Scotland Championships was organised by East Lothian Orienteers and had a good attendance. Lots of ESOC members were there, and won plenty of trophies.

This event had been a long time in the planning, having been rescheduled the previous year during the pandemic restrictions, and then postponed due to damage in Storm Arwen, so it was great to get there at last!
Vogrie Country Park is SE of Edinburgh, near Gorebridge, and is managed by Midlothian Council. It has varied terrain - the parkland around Vogrie House contrasts with the steep-sided wooded valley of the Tyne Water. The map had been extended to include fast running on an old golf course, plus some areas of disused quarries with intricate contour detail, which were visited by the longer courses.
The weather was dull and damp, though the rain eased off during the morning. Underfoot conditions were quite muddy.

Congratulations to all the ESOC trophy winners:
Catherine Rowe (W10), Calum Robertson (M12), Rachel Brown (W18), Isla Simmons (W21), Alison O’Neil (W35), Jonathan Ellis (M40), Mark Wood (M50), Alison Cunningham (W55), Crawford Lindsay (M65), Mary Williams (W70), Eleanor Pyrah (W75), Ian Pyrah (M75)

Other ESOC members in the top half of the results for their course were:
Brown (10 competitors) – Simon Gregersen 2nd= , Donald Slater 2nd=, Tyler Morrison 4th, James Fathers 5th
Blue (45) – Walter Clark 2nd, Keith Brown 12th, Richard Oxlade 20th, Peter O’Hara 23rd
Green (42) – Helena Nolan 7th, Hanne Robertson 10th, Martin Caldwell 11th=, Claire Black 14th, Les Dalgleish 15th, Hannah Grimmel 19th, Roger Garnett 20th
Short Green (15) – Sally Lindsay 4th, Margaret Dalgleish 7th
Light Green (11) – Samantha Baker 6th
Orange (19) – Kenny Gunn-Russell 6th, Fiona Findlay 10th
Yellow (20) – Adam Rowe 10th

Further details about the event, plus full results, including Routegadget, are available on the ESOA Championships page of the ELO website.

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