Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

ESOA Championships & SoSOL 3, 2022Teviothead, 12 November

The East of Scotland Championships was organised by Roxburgh Reivers, and ESOC competitors won a good haul of trophies.

Teviothead is south of Hawick, and some remembered it as the location of the CompassSport Cup Final in 2012, when the weather was appalling. This time was much better.
The event centre was in Teviothead Village Hall, and the Start and Finish were just a few minutes away up the hill. The terrain is open tussocky moorland, with plenty of features - interesting contour detail, marshes and small crags. It was very wet underfoot following bad weather in the preceding days. Luckily the weather was fine for the event, with lovely views. Most seem to have enjoyed their courses, and thought it was well worth the trip.

Congratulations to all the ESOC trophy winners:
Dylan Davidson (M10), Calum Robertson (M14), Martyn Davidson (M40), Martin Quirke (M45), David Robertson (M60), Roger Garnett (M70), Ian Pyrah (M75), Emma Daley (W10), Sabine Oechsner (W21), Alison O’Neil (W35), Fran Daley (W45), Hanne Robertson (W50), Helena Nolan (W55), Sally Lindsay (W65), Margaret Dalgleish (W70), Eleanor Pyrah (W75)

Further details about the event, plus full results, including Routegadget, are available on the ESOA Championships page of the RR website.

Further details about the South of Scotland Orienteering League, including the league tables, are on the SoSOL page of the East of Scotland Orienteering Association website.

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