Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

ESOC Christmas GiftsSanitiser, Scarf or Hat

Take your pick from this small range of ESOC-themed gifts. Great stocking fillers!


This festive season’s must-have ESOC items are available now. Share Christmas cheer by getting one of each for every loved one, or simply treat yourself!

ESOC MINI-SANITISERS - £1 each or 6 for £5 (These are 50ml plastic bottles with screw thread snap top, handy clip attachment and ESOC logo. Supplied empty (fill with your preferred choice of hand sanitiser) or pre-filled with 80% alcohol rub. Make sure the lid is secure at all times especially when running as the bottles will hang lid down and you may lose the contents!)

ESOC HATS - £7.50 each

ESOC SCARVES - £10 each

​The scarves and hats are made from supersoft wool. One size.

Initial batch of orders please by 5pm on Friday 4 December, and earlier if you can.

ORDERS to Janet Clark at: email hidden; JavaScript is required