Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

ESOC Club Championships 2013

The final Club Championships results have been announced!

Following the final two events in the 2013 Club Championships league, the scores have been updated and the winners are:

Junior Girl – Rachel Brown
Experienced Girl – Kerry Wood
Experienced Boy – Ben Brown
Senior Girl – Lucie Duffy

Men’s Open – Andrew Lindsay
Women’s Open – Claire Ward
Veteran Men – Mark Wood
Veteran Women – Alison Cunningham
Ultraveteran – Roger Scrutton

Pentland Trophy (for best junior performance on senior courses) – Andrew Lindsay
Most Improved Orienteer – Alistair Hindle
Best Newcomer – Terry Johnstone

The Novice Junior, Junior Boy and Senior Boy trophies were not awarded this year.

Here is the full list of events:

Club Championships 2013 - events list
Each competitor's best 5 scores were counted in their overall total, and they had to have at least one score from each of the 3 categories of event.

Here are the updated senior scores:
ESOC Club Championships 2013 - senior scores
These scores were worked out from minutes per kilometre, taking account of climb. For the Ultraveteran class, the speed was further adjusted, to take account of age and gender.

Here are the junior scores:
ESOC Club Championships 2013 - junior scores

Crawford Lindsay
Club Captain

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