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ESOC Club Championships 2015

Final results for the 2015 ESOC Club Championships Cup and League.

Club Championships Cup
This was originally scheduled for Sunday 8 November, but unfortunately had to be postponed, and took place in conjunction with SoSOL 2, at Holyrood Park on Sunday 24 January. This was part of EUOC's Big Weekend - for further details about the weekend, see the Edinburgh Big Weekend 2016 event report on this website.

The winners were:

Novice Junior - Joseph Lawlor
Junior Girl - Maja Robertson
Junior Boy - Adam Clark
Experienced Junior Girl - Rachel Brown
Experienced Junior Boy - Jamie Lawlor
Senior Girl - Kerry Wood
Senior Boy - Ben Brown

Men's Open - Andrew Dalgleish
Women's Open - Rona Lindsay
Veteran Men - Ray Ward
Veteran Women - Alison Cunningham
Superveteran Men - Jim Clark
Superveteran Women - Janet Clark
Overall Superveteran winner - Janet Clark

Pentland trophy (best junior performance on a senior course) - Kerry Wood
Best Newcomer - Paul Clatworthy
Most Improved Orienteer - Rachel Brown

The trophies were presented at the Club Championships social in the evening.

Club Championships League

The 2015 ESOC Club Championships League had four categories: Men's Open, Women's Open, Men's Veteran (M40+), and Women's Veteran (W40+). The league included Scottish events of level C or above, where at least 25 senior ESOC members finished.
The full list of events is as follows:
1 Feb - SoSOL 6, Dalkeith Country Park
14 Feb - Scottish Sprint Championships, Erskine
15 Mar - CompassSport Cup heat, Balnagowan
3 May - SOL 4, Glen Dye
23 May - Scottish Championships, Ardnaskie
20 Jun - Schiehallion weekend, Day 2, Tullochroisk
2 Aug - Scottish 6 Days, Day 1, Achagour
8 Aug - Scottish 6 Days, Day 6, Glen Affric
6 Sep - SOL 7, Loch Vaa North
11 Oct - SoSOL 1, Hopetoun House

The final event was expected to be the Tinto Twin day event, but there were less than 25 ESOC senior members competing, so this event was not included.

For each event, BOF ranking scores were used to calculate everyone's time as if they were running the same course. For the Open classes, this is all that was taken into account. For the Veteran classes, times were then scaled using the World Masters Association age-graded relative running speeds for 5k.
The fastest competitor scored 20 points, then 19, 18, etc. down to 1. Each competitor's best 4 scores were totalled, and if there was a tie, the 5th best scores of the tied competitors were compared. If this did not resolve the tie, head to head results were compared to decide who should be placed higher. Any scores used to resolve ties (5th best score or head to head comparison) are in italics and underlined in the league tables.
The 5th best score was used to decide first place in the Men's Veteran category, and head to head results were used to decide first place in the Women's Veteran category.

The winners were:
Men's Open - Andrew Lindsay
Women's Open - Claire Ward
Men's Veteran - Jim Clark
Women's Veteran - Mary Williams

Here are the final league tables:
Club Championships League 2015

Thanks to Alistair Hindle for calculating the scores. If anyone would like to see the full details, please email Helena Nolan, ESOC Club Captain.

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