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ESOC Jewellery

Details of ESOC logo silver jewellery as shown at AGM

ESOC Jewellery - message from Alistair Armitage, ESOC member

For some time I have been making silver jewellery as a hobby. I have used the ESOC logo (minus the letters: far too intricate!) as the basis of the design of some items of jewellery. There are two sizes of pendant, some larger brooches, earrings (drop and stud) and a lapel pin. They are all sterling silver, with the Edinburgh hallmark on all but the smallest items (the earrings). They were on show at the recent ESOC AGM.

I offer them for sale, ¼ of the price to go to club funds. I need to keep ¾ to cover the cost of the silver, which like gold, has got rather expensive recently. I have tried to take some photographs, but shiny silver is really difficult to photograph: all bright reflections; they only give a rough idea of what they are like. Some photographs will be uploaded here as soon as possible.

I can’t make vast quantities, as everything is hand made, and I rely on the tools and kit at the evening class I go to, so for the moment once they are gone, they are gone. I have small pendants at £5, earrings (drop or stud) at £6 per pair, bigger pendants and a lapel pin at £7 and several brooches at £8. If you are interested, please get in touch by email to me and I can send photos directly to you or post items to you.

Alastair Armitage