Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

ESOC’s Penicuik weekend5/6 November 2016

ESOC presented 2 contrasting events: an urban event on Saturday, and the final event of the 2015/16 South of Scotland Orienteering League on Sunday. The latter was also the East of Scotland Championships.

The event centre for Saturday’s urban event was at Beeslack High School, with very welcome indoor facilities, as it was a cold day. Courses covered a wide variety of terrain, including woodland in the valley of the Loon Burn, modern development in the Ladywood housing estate, and the school playing fields. The housing estate was good fun, with many narrow alleyways, courtyards and grassed areas amongst similar-looking building; complicated enough to give some interesting route choice, so concentration was needed to avoid mistakes.

ESOC members in the top half of the results were:
Course 2 (12 competitors) – Laura Robertson 1st, Walter Clark 3rd
Course 3 (21) – Crawford Lindsay 3rd, Martin Caldwell 4th, Alison Cunningham 6th, Fran Daley 8th, Helena Nolan 9th, Judy Bell 10th
Course 4 (18) – Roger Scrutton 2nd, Les Dalgleish 3rd, Sally Lindsay 7th
Course 5 (7) – Eleanor Pyrah 1st, Anne Stevenson 2nd, Fiona Findlay 3rd
Course 6 (5) – Ben Brown 1st, David McPhillips 2nd
Course 7 (8) – Maja Robertson 1st, Calum Robertson 2nd, Sibhe Fahey 3rd, Megan Brown 4th

Full results from the urban event are available in the 2016 ESOC Results Archive.

Sunday’s SoSOL event was at Penicuik Estate, and the weather was much better than forecast, though it was very cold. The terrain included coniferous plantation, beech woods, and open fields, and was very rough in places. The river North Esk runs through the estate, in a steep-sided valley, and the longer courses had a lot of climb. There were beautiful autumn colours everywhere, and the imposing ruin of Penicuik House made a good backdrop.

ESOC members in the top half of the results were:
Brown (10 competitors) – Martin Quirke 4th
Blue (45) – Claire Ward 1st, Walter Clark 7th, Keith Brown 9th, Mark Rowe 13th, Tyler Morrison 19th, Crawford Lindsay 22nd
Green (54) – Alison Cunningham 2nd, Roger Garnett 4th, Helena Nolan 11th, Fran Daley 12th, Les Dalgleish 13th, Ian Pyrah 21st, Margaret Dalgleish 24th, Judy Bell 25th, Bill Stevenson 27th
Short Green (17) – Mary Williams 1st, Eleanor Pyrah 3rd, Anne Stevenson 5th, Heidi Ross 6th, Fiona Findlay 9th
Light Green (15) – David McPhillips 4th
Orange (15) – Hanne Robertson 3rd, Jenny Ross 7th
Yellow (12) – Maja Robertson 2nd, Laurence Ward 3rd, Joseph Lawor 4th
White (16) – Calum Robertson 1st, Sam Mackenzie 3rd, Lucy Ward 6th, Zoe Clark 8th

Full results from the SoSOL event are available in the 2016 ESOC Results Archive.

More details about the South of Scotland Orienteering League, including the final league tables for 2015/16, are available on the SoSOL page of the East of Scotland Orienteering Association website.

This event was the 2016 East of Scotland Championships. Congratulations to all the ESOC trophy winners:
Maja Robertson (W10), Claire Ward (W35), Judy Bell (W45), Alison Cunningham (W50), Mary Williams (W65), Eleanor Pyrah (W70), Janet Clark (W75), Martin Quirke (M35), Keith Brown (M50), Crawford Lindsay (M60).

The SoSOL event was also the ESOC Club Championships individual event. See this news item for a list of prize-winners.

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