Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

FWTN and WinterlopesWinter 2021 MapRunF opportunities

Fight with the Night (FWTN) and Winterlopes (Winter Evening Sprintelopes) are up and running on MapRunF for the coming weeks

Helen Ockenden of Edinburgh University Orienteering Club (EUOC) has advised that Fight with the Night (FWTN) is back for 2021 although only in virtual MapRunF format until the coronavirus restrictions change. In addition to the 5 events organised by EUOC, Interlopers (INT) are also running their Winterlope series on the 4 alternating weeks.

The results from the 9 events, as shown below, will be combined to form a League for the semester (in addition but separate to the FWTN League). Since everyone is exercising alone, with one other person or with their own household, they are returning to the format of just two courses: Short and Long. To maintain the spirit of FWTN, they would also like to encourage all participants to run at night (this will also keep the golf courses happy).

In order to give everyone the maximum opportunity to do these courses, they will be available on MapRunF (the mobile app, download in your app store), and Helen will also send out a pdf copy of the maps to those on her mailing list (see her contact details below). The courses will be available on the Wednesday of each week, and then you have a week to complete it if you wish to count for the league. You can either submit your time through the MaprunF app, or by direct to Munro Leagues or by emailing Munro Leagues at: email hidden; JavaScript is required.

The schedule for the league is subject to change, but provisionally they hope for something along the lines of:

20-27 Jan: Mortonhall (FWTN)
27 Jan – 3 Feb: Prestonfield Golf Course (Winterlope)
3-10 Feb: Gracemount (FWTN)
10-17 Feb: Craigmillar Golf Course (Winterlope)
17-24 Feb: Craigmillar Castle (FWTN)
24 Feb- 3 Mar: Liberton Golf course (Winterlope)
3-10 Mar: Inchplus (FWTN)
10-17 Mar: Braids Golf course (Winterlope)
17-24 Mar: tbc (FWTN)

NOTE that golf courses are in use by golfers during the day and it is especially important to wait until after dark to go out on orienteering courses on these.

At the time of writing (22nd January) the event is Mortonhall (20-27th Jan)

Submit your time by Wednesday 27th January to be considered for the league.

The courses for this week can be found on the MapRunF app as Mortonhall Long and Mortonhall Short and pdf versions of the courses are on the SOA website. They are named there as Mortonhall FWTN Long and Mortonhall FWTN Short.

The app is fairly easy to use, and there are lots of instructions on the Maprun website, but please let Helen know if you are having any technical difficulties and she will try to help.

Please ensure you are following Scottish Government guidelines with respect to travelling for exercise, appropriate social distancing and only exercising alone, with one other person or with your household while enjoying these courses.

Helen's email for FWTN is: email hidden; JavaScript is required

You might also like to look at, and follow, the Sprintelope Facebook page for up to date information about the Winterlopes.

Note that each event in this web item only covers the generalities of the series to help you get started. It will not be updated every week with each separate event. If you are interested in taking part in FWTN and Winterlopes and are not on Helen's mailing list then please email Helen as above. This will mean you get updated information at the appropriate time.