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Glasgow Parks Championships 20114 December

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A strong ESOC contingent competed in the 13th Glasgow Parks Championships, with races in 3 different Glasgow parks.

The Glasgow Parks Championships is an annual competition, featuring three separate events in one day. The location of the first park is announced just before the event, and the others are only revealed on the day. The first two races have allocated start times, with a chasing start for the final race.

Early snow in central Edinburgh caused some concern, but there was less further west, and none in central Glasgow. We were very lucky with the weather - it was mostly dry for all 3 races, although everywhere was very wet underfoot, with lots of mud.

The first race was at King’s Park, which no-one had predicted. This is one of the smaller Glasgow parks, south of the river, with fine specimen trees among lawns and shrubbery. The second race was further south, at Cathkin Braes Country Park, a much wilder area, mostly deciduous woods, with some steep slopes. There was a heavy snow shower, which luckily passed through just before the first start, revealing panoramic views over Glasgow. The third race was back in the city at Queen’s Park, which is quite hilly, and has some formal paths and gardens, as well as rougher wooded areas. Download was in the welcome warmth of the glasshouses, where there was a café and also an interesting reptile house.

ESOC members in the top half of the results were:
Women Open (12 competitors) – Heather Thomson 4th
Women Veteran (8) – Helena Nolan 2nd
Women Super Veteran (10) – Margaret Dalgleish 2nd, Sally Lindsay 4th
Men Open (15) – Andrew Dalgleish 5th, Craig Nolan 7th, Andrew Lindsay 8th
Men Veteran (22) – Mark Wood 6th
Men Super Veteran (10) – Crawford Lindsay 1st, Roger Scrutton 2nd, Ian Pyrah 4th, Les Dalgleish 5th

Crawford Lindsay was surprised and pleased to retain the Men’s Super Veteran trophy. Craig Nolan won the “Guess the Parks” competition, with 3 points.

Full results from the event are available in the STAG Results Archive.

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