Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

Gleneagles Estate Local Event8 December 2018

Plenty of ESOC members competed at this event, presented by Masterplan Adventure on a brand new map.

Gleneagles Estate is near Auchterarder, in Perthshire, just across the road from the famous hotel and golf courses. The pre-event details described the terrain as “a real mixture of open moorland, diffuse woodland and worked land”.

Keith Brown reports: “The event was quite a low key affair on a newly mapped area of the Gleneagles Estate. The weather was very kind with the wind dropping back to being just breezy and it was quite bright. The sound of lots of shooting going on helped people focus on not straying into the out of bounds area. A lot of the courses were on open moorland for the first part that was quite hard going to keep running on. The latter parts of the longer courses had shorter legs in some woodland and then round the side of some houses using an area with an abundance of tracks (some of which were mapped). There were some waist deep puddles on some tracks to give a refreshing bath to those who weren't paying attention. The longer courses finished back beside the visitor centre (which had the most luxurious toilets seen at an orienteering event). The shorter courses finished back near the start, not going round the outside of the houses and shooting. Most people seem to have enjoyed themselves and thought the courses were well put together. Worth a visit if there is another event there in the future.”

ESOC results in the top half were:
Blue (30 competitors) – Keith Brown 10th, Jim Martin 11th, Callum Tyler 13th
Green (25) – Katie Cunningham 1st, Kerry Wood 2nd, Roger Scrutton 5th, Juliette Maire 9th
Light Green (5) – Catriona Phin 1st
Orange (3) – Ben Sinclair 1st

Full results are available here on the Masterplan Adventure website.

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