Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

Highland 2015WOC and S6D

A note of thanks from Ewart Scott to ESOC members

I’d like to express my immense thanks to everyone in ESOC, competitors, planners, controllers, organisers, senior officials and helpers at all levels for the huge contribution made, leading up to and including the events.
Claire Ward deserves a special mention for representing Great Britain at WOC. During the commentary, ESOC was frequently mentioned after her name.

We’ve been Central Organising Team (COT) before, but this time exceeded the call of duty with increased competitor numbers, the complexity of the events and the logistical aspects of the varied locations.

A note of thanks has been received from Richard Oxlade, this year’s S6D co-ordinator and he is nothing other than full of praise for what we have done.
Although everyone was in post long before I became Club President and I had no influence on this, it’s a privilege to thank everyone.

Ewart Scott