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Highland WOLF 2015Speyside, 5/6 September

This enjoyable weekend, organised by Badenoch and Strathspey Orienteering Club, included the 6th event in the 2015 Scottish Orienteering Urban League, and the final Scottish Orienteering League event of 2015. There was a good turnout from ESOC, and some excellent results. 

The first event of the weekend was a Middle Distance race at Heathfield and Anagach on Saturday 5 September. Longer courses started in Anagach, on the SE side of the B9102, with several controls in mature pine forest and hummocky moraine. All courses led through thicker plantation forest on the NW side of the road, then looped round controls on various rock features in more open forest. The weather was fine.

ESOC members in the top half of the results for their course were:
Brown (40 competitors) – Andrew Lindsay 15th
Blue (57 competitors) – Crawford Lindsay 19th=, Finlay Ross 24th, Roger Garnett 26th
Green (74) – Alison Cunningham 4th, Alastair Lessells 15th, Les Dalgleish 24th, Sally Lindsay 27th, Maggie Scrugham 30th
Short Green (31) – Janice Nisbet 2nd, Anne Stevenson 4th, Leonne Hutchinson 5th, Jim Clark 11th
Yellow (21) – Heidi Ross 3rd, Maja Robertson 10th

On Saturday afternoon, SOUL 6 was an urban Sprint event in Grantown-on-Spey. The start and finish were on the W side of the Square, and the courses headed off to the W through varied residential areas. Longer courses had several controls in a modern development with many small pathways.

ESOC members in the top half of the results were:
M Open (25 competitors) – Andrew Lindsay 12th
M Vet (34) – Ray Ward 1st
M SuperVet (18) – Crawford Lindsay 2nd
M UltraVet (15) – Alastair Lessells 6th
W Open (12) – Rona Lindsay 1st
W Vet (30) – Alison Cunningham 3rd, Judy Bell 13th
W SuperVet (12) – Maggie Scrugham 1st, Sally Lindsay 6th
W UltraVet (8) – Anne Stevenson 4th
W Junior (18) – Rachel Brown 8th
W Young Junior (9) – Megan Brown 5th
M Young Junior (14) – Jamie Lawlor 6th

Details of all the events in the 2015 Scottish Orienteering Urban League, and the final league tables, are available here.

Some stayed on in Grantown for the ceilidh on Saturday evening at the YMCA Community Centre. The music was good, with energetic dancing as usual, plus a bar, hot drinks and cakes. In the interval, further entertainment was provided by the SEDS fundraising raffle, which had a lot of prizes!

SOL 7 was at Loch Vaa North on Sunday 6 September. This is a moraine area, in open pine forest, with heather and blaeberry underfoot making for slow going at times. In places the contours were very subtle, but mostly there was plenty of complex detail. All courses finished through an open heathery area, with the final control in a depression, giving a long uphill run-in. The weather was sunny and very pleasant.

ESOC members in the top half of the results for their course were:
Black (15 competitors) – Andrew Lindsay 7th
Brown (29) – Claire Ward 9th, Ray Ward 14th
Blue (73) – Crawford Lindsay 34th, Helena Nolan 37th
Short Blue (55) – Alison Cunningham 4th, Alastair Lessells 7th, Jamie Cunningham 11th
Green (74) – Maggie Scrugham 22nd
Short Green (44) – Leonne Hutchinson 3rd, Fiona Findlay 8th, Janice Nisbet 10th=, Jim Clark 19th, Janet Clark 22nd
Light Green (55) – Kerry Wood 23rd
Orange (47) – Rachel Brown 5th
White (32) – Joseph Lawlor 1st, Megan Brown 5th

The 2015 Scottish Orienteering League tables are available on the Scottish O League Table Archive page of the Scottish Orienteering Association website.

This event was the 2015 Northern Lights Trophy competition – congratulations to Rachel Brown, who won the W12 trophy.
It was also part of the 2015 Junior Inter-Area competition, which was won by the North.

Full results for the above events are available in the BASOC results archive:
Heathfield and Anagach
Loch Vaa

There are a few photos from the event in the Highland Wolf 2015 album of ESOC's Google Album Archive.

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