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INTrepid weekend - 2016Livingston/Culteuchar & Dron, 9/10 April

There was a great turnout from ESOC at Interløpers’ double header weekend, for the 4rd Scottish Orienteering Urban League event of 2016, followed by the 2nd Scottish Orienteering League event.

SOUL 4 on Saturday 9 April was an urban race in Deans, on the west side of Livingston, with the event centre at Deans Community High School. The start was just to the south, and courses immediately led through an underpass, before branching off amongst the varied housing developments, with many alleyways and shortcuts, grassed areas, and surprisingly wild parts including urban woodland (even brambles), a steep-sided valley to negotiate, a loch, and some very wet underfoot conditions. It was a fine day, with some warm spring sunshine.

ESOC members in the top half of the results were:
M Open (8 competitors) – Craig Nolan 3rd, Andrew Lindsay 4th
W Open (7) – Rona Lindsay 4th
M Vet (23) – Keith Brown 12th
W Vet (20) – Heather Thomson 1st, Alison Cunningham 3rd, Helena Nolan 5th
M Supervet (20) – Crawford Lindsay 7th
W SuperVet (18) – Janice Nisbet 5th, Margaret Dalgleish 7th, Sally Lindsay 9th
M Ultravet (16) – Ian Pyrah 7th, Les Dalgleish 8th
W UltraVet (12) – Eleanor Pyrah 5th
M Junior (8) – David McPhillips 3rd, Ben Brown 4th
W Junior (8) – Rachel Brown 1st
W Young Junior (4) – Maja Robertson 1st, Megan Brown 2nd

Full results from SOUL 4 are available here.

Details of all the SOUL 2016 events, and the final league tables, are on the Urban League 2016 page of the Scottish Orienteering Association website.

This event was also the second in the 2016 UK Urban League. For more details, see the UK Urban League website.

SOL 2 was on Sunday 10 April at Culteuchar & Dron, near Bridge of Earn, just south of Perth. Culteuchar is an open hilly area, much of it grassy and runnable, but with some very steep slopes. Most courses had at least one control on the banks and ditches of Castle Law hillfort. It was quite tussocky higher up, with slower heather further south. The longer courses visited the coniferous forest of Dron Hill, further east. The weather was better than expected, dry with sunny intervals, though the ground was mostly very wet.

ESOC members in the top half of the results for their course were:
Brown (28 competitors) – Claire Ward 12th
Short Brown (32) – Jim Martin 12th
Blue (69) – Keith Brown 12th, Finlay Ross 28th
Short Blue (55) – Alison Cunningham 10th, Les Dalgleish 21st
Green (49) – Margaret Dalgleish 21st, Judy Bell 23rd, Janice Nisbet 24th
Short Green (35) – Mary Williams 7th, Anne Stevenson 8th, Steve Clayton 13th, Eleanor Pyrah 14th, Leonne Hutchinson 16th, Jim Clark 17th, Fiona Findlay 18th
Light Green (24) – Rachel Brown 7th, Heidi Ross 12th
Yellow (12) – Maja Robertson 4th
White (9) – Megan Brown 3rd

Full results from SOL 2 are available here.

Further details about the Scottish Orienteering League are on the SOL page of the Scottish Orienteering Association website.

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