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Introduction to MTBO - 2Craigmillar Castle, 26 September

Another successful MTBO session!

On Sunday 26 September, ESOC held another introductory mountain bike orienteering (MTBO) session. This was based at Bridgend Farmhouse, using the new MTBO map of Craigmillar Castle, where the terrain is primarily parkland and woodland, with a complex network of bike-friendly roads, paths and tracks. The longer courses also visited Little France Park, as well as some urban terrain in Craigmillar and Greendykes neighbourhoods.
Courses available were:
A - 8.5km - Tricky navigation
B - 6.0km - Tricky navigation
C - 3.0km - Fairly tricky navigation
D - 2.7km - Easy navigation
(course lengths indicate the straight line distance between controls)

The session was organised by Janet Clark and Walter Clark.

Janet Clark writes:
“Bridgend Farm was the ideal setting for this exciting venture, providing an airy shelter for Assembly and an atmosphere already filled with keen cyclists of all ages. Our session attracted, as before, the whole range from experienced to complete novices. All were entranced by the special map and the different thought processes required. Some people did several courses. The Easy course was exciting with steep grassy downhills!

Huge thanks to Keith Dawson and Karena Hanley for the time and expertise freely given, and to Walter for enthusiastic encouragement to all. There was a great vibe to the whole event, and we hope to repeat it again here before too long.”

Walter comments:
“The mountain bike orienteering introductory session at Craigmillar Castle on Sunday 26 September was a BLAST!
Here are 10 reasons why it was so amazing:

  1. It’s a great area for mountain bike orienteering (or MTBO, as you may wish to call it), with lots of different terrain types (parkland / woodland / urban) and a complex track/path network.
  2. There was something for everyone, with four courses, from a long and tricky A course at 8.5km, to a short and easy D course at 2.7km.
  3. We had the benefit of MTBO superstar (and all round legend) Keith Dawson planning, plus giving riders top tips at the briefing session.
  4. The assembly at Bridgend Farmhouse was ideal, with a big marquee for us to gather in, plus a hot drinks mini-café stall thing just for us!
  5. There were map boards to borrow for newcomers, now part of our ESOC equipment stock, and SI cards as well.
  6. Great views were to be enjoyed over Edinburgh, particularly on the longer courses which visited Little France Park, and around Craigmillar Castle.
  7. This was a brand new MTBO map for ESOC (based on the “foot orienteering” map of the area with kind permission of Interløpers OC).
  8. The weather was amazing, and all the more special because it poured with rain the following day.
  9. We had a lovely crowd of enthusiastic participants, including many from ESOC and some people who had never been orienteering before.
  10. Great feedback received from everyone who came along, so we are already thinking when can we do this again!

Thank you to Keith, Karena and Janet for all the work that went into a hugely successful session.”

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