Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

JEC Sprint - thank you

A thank you to all ESOC members for JEC sprint event we organised on Friday the 24th of September.

The JEC Sprint was a new venture for ESOC and the organisation had to take into
account the fact that it was both a ‘normal’, but closed, orienteering event but also had a
high status at European level. It had to have extras to take account of the status of the
event but at the same time recognise that there was a tight budget. It would have been
great to have had a lot of signs and banners professionally printed but budgets simply
didn’t run to this so a home printer had to be used.

I think we managed to put on a professional show on a basic budget. Everything
ran smoothly on the day and the fact we had immediate results and commentary in
the Finish area and live results online was superb. Results and photos on the web
followed on rapidly. This meant that parents and friends of the competitors who were
not able to travel to Scotland could still get a good flavour of the event pretty quickly.

The competitors seemed to enjoy the event and hopefully went away with a positive
experience of ESOC, St Andrews and Scotland.

The overall coordinator of the entire JEC weekend was Jason Inman of FVO. The actual
commentary for all days was done by Jon Cross of FVO. The electronic behind the
scenes stuff, including the timing and live results, and all general organisation on the day
was provided by ESOC.

It would not be appropriate to single out individuals for thanks however there was a
magnificent level of support from many ESOC members and a lot of work, both in
advance and on the day, went into this event.

Margaret Dalgleish, Organiser.