Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

JK Individual

This weekend saw some top racing in very contrasting areas and weather conditions and some fantastic ESOC results.

Saturday was the first day of the main individual competition, the elites had a middle distance race and it was a normal long distance race for everyone else. The conditions were difficult with an exceptional amount of mud underfoot, which proved to be most beneficial to the strong runners taking part. There were a smattering of top 10 positions from various ESOC members, Helen Bridle was 8th in the W21 Elite class, Janice Nisbet was 9th in W55L, Rona Lindsay was also 9th in W16A, Helena Nolan was 13th in the W40L and Peter Fawthrop was an impressive 4th in M10A. The guys weren’t quite as high up in the results, Andrew Lindsay was 23rd in the M16A and Roger Scrutton came in 21st in M60L. Everyone was looking to come higher up the rankings the next day to try and get into the medal positions.

Sunday was a very contrasting day, the weather was kind for a day on the dunes and the underfoot conditions were much easier to deal with, it was also considerably harder navigationally and many who had flown round the day before struggled. There were some fantastic ESOC performances on Day 2. Most notable was Helen Bridle showing her strength over the gruelling 10.4km W21E course, coming in 2nd place for the day just 20seconds behind overall winner Sarah Rollins (BAOC) to take 2nd place overall and another medal to add to Helen’s collection, not the gold medal she would have been aiming for but very impressive nonetheless!
Other good Day 3 performances are as follows (including overall standing)

Rona Lindsay, W16A, 3rd (4th overall)
Janice Nisbet, W55L, 6th (5th)
Peter Fawthrop, M10A, 7th (5th)
Andrew Lindsay, M16A, 6th (11th)
Roger Scrutton, M60L, 9th (11th)
Helena Nolan, W40L, 20th, (14th)
Fiona Findlay, W60L, 17th (15th)
Sally Lindsay, W50L, 13th (19th)
Craig Nolan, M16A, 17th (27th)
Crawford Lindsay, M55L, 21st (30th)

Full Results can be found on the SIResults page