Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

June Social 2024Monday 17th June, Pentland Skyline Run

The annual club pilgrimage into the Pentland Hills this year had ‘added interest’ due to the weather forecast suggesting periods of dampness and thundery showers around the time that club members would be out. Indeed, just at the suggested meeting time a loud clap was observed over the hills - one group already out and high up received an almighty fright it was later heard in conversation!

However the weather did help to provide even more drama than usual to the photos so I’ll let them do most of the talking this time.

The popular routes consist of going down the A702 to either Nine mile burn for the full run - up and over the Kips, Scald Law, Carnethy and Turnhouse Hill, finishing at Flotterstone, or to the start of the old Kirk Road to do the shorter route, which joins the ridge at the col between Scald Law and Carnethy. Many club members have additional little add ons or preferences for routes.

There was a great turnout of members and some Interlopers were also most welcome. A multitude of different routes and start times were taken to match ability and foolhardiness or otherwise over the hills. We then retired to the Flotterstone Inn who coped admirably with our mammoth food order for 19 people (and a few later orders), wolfing down the food and enjoying some banter. Many club members were handed shiny new orienteering attire as the recent club kit order had come through. See if you can spot the new kit from the old in the photos!

Thank you to everyone who came along!

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