Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

Kalender Turf 2021

December saw a different kind of Turf Challenge taking place.

At least 18 ESOC turfers took part in the 2021 Turf Advent Calendar, an annual challenge organised by the Örebro turfers, in Sweden. It ran from 28 November (Advent Sunday) until 22 December. A new assignment was announced each day, and you had to complete each assignment to continue. Most of them were easy to understand, but some were quite complicated. ESOC member DIProgan was involved with the organisation, and provided much helpful advice. The tasks included:

  • Day 1 - Visit a zone with a special attribute, e.g. bridge or monument.
  • Day 5 - Visit a zone that has “A” or “a” in its name.
  • Day 6 - Take a zone from 3 different turfers OR revisit any 3 zones.
  • Day 11 - Visit zones where the zone names contain a total of 6 occurrences of the letter "L".
  • Day 12 - Visit any 3 zones where the last letter in the prior zone name is the same as the first letter in the next.
  • Day 13 - Visit 3 zones, each with a name length of 7 letters/characters or less.

Aibo, ajmtheperfect, CSL, DNostrebor, ESOCJanet, ESOCWalter, ESOC-Q, féarglas, and Wintergreen made it to the end.
The names of those who completed all the tasks were put into a raffle, and ESOC-Q won the Third prize, 50 Turf supporter days!

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