Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

Lakeland Warrior 2022Lake District, 3/4 December

The Lakeland Warrior weekend was presented by Masterplan Adventure, in association with Lake District orienteering clubs, and offered 2 World Ranking events. A few ESOC members ventured south for the events.

Previous Lakeland Warrior events had been open to elite runners only, but this time anyone was allowed to enter this challenging weekend. Both days had 3 Middle Distance courses: M21E, W21E and Short. The M/W21E maps were 1:10,000 and A5 in size; the Short course maps were a more civilised 1:5,000 on A4.

Saturday’s event was at Great Tower Wood, in the southern Lake District near Newby Bridge. The terrain here is deciduous woodland on rugged hilly terrain, with intricate contour detail, steep slopes and lots of rock features including large crags. The area is a Scout Activity Centre, so there were many tracks, paths and buildings near the event centre. Courses criss-crossed through the area, with some longer legs and many changes of direction. The weather was fine and sunny, and the woodland was very scenic.
ESOC results:
W21E (54 competitors) - Rachel Brown (W20, running as EUOC) 9th; Alison O’Neil (W35) 19th; Sabine Oechsner (W21) 27th; Crawford Lindsay (M65) 28th; Sally Lindsay (W65) 45th
Short (25) - Keith Brown (M60) 6th

Sunday’s event was at Grizedale Tarn, south of Hawkshead. This was mostly a new map, overlapping with existing maps of Esthwaite Intake and Raven Crag. The planner said the terrain was “As hard as it gets!” It was very complex and rough, with intricate contours throughout. The Start was in a felled area covered in dead wood, very slow going, and beyond this the courses immediately led into complicated dense conifer plantation with narrow gaps. There were many crags, knolls, tussocky marshes, and some runnable woodland towards the end. A few tracks ran through the area, but they were rarely very useful!
ESOC results:
W21E (56 competitors) - Rachel Brown (W20, running as EUOC) 4th; Alison O’Neil (W35) 19th; Sabine Oechsner (W21) 31st; Crawford Lindsay (M65) 44th; Sally Lindsay (W65) 48th
Short (22) – Keith Brown (M60) 3rd

Full results, Routegadget and more information about the events are on the Lakeland Warrior 2022 page of the Masterplan Adventure website.

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