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Liverpool Big WeekendAinsdale / Liverpool, 3/4 September 2016

A few ESOC members decided to forego the delights of the ESOC Ultrasprint to compete at this excellent “Sand & City” weekend, organised by Deeside Orienteering Club and South East Lancashire Orienteering Club.

On Saturday 3 September, there was a Level B event at Ainsdale Dunes, on the Lancashire coast near Southport. The area is a National Nature Reserve, and access for orienteering is only allowed every 4 years. The terrain included coniferous woodland, which was generally very runnable, and open dunes, with tussocky grass and shrubby vegetation. There were many fences, with mandatory crossing points, which were mostly invisible until you were fairly close to them, so the courses were interesting throughout. Unfortunately it was very wet, and most were thoroughly soaked by the time they finished, but luckily it was quite warm.

ESOC results:
Brown (22 competitors): Terry Johnstone 12th
Blue (71): Crawford Lindsay 29th
Green (91): Sally Lindsay 28th, Ian Pyrah 33rd
Short Green (47): Eleanor Pyrah (injured) 23rd

The following day, the action moved to Liverpool, with assembly in a building on the waterfront. The start was in the square behind Liverpool Town Hall, and courses gave an interesting tour of Liverpool landmarks, including a variety of urban terrain: busy streets, parks and gardens, shopping areas, and the waterfront. Longer courses visited both cathedrals. There were a lot of people about, and this influenced route choice in several places. The weather was much better than the previous day, with sunshine later on.

ESOC results:
M Vet (51 competitors): Terry Johnstone 21st
M SuperVet (49): Crawford Lindsay 18th
M UltraVet (59): Ian Pyrah 9th
W SuperVet (36): Sally Lindsay 9th
W UltraVet (29): Eleanor Pyrah (injured) 17th

Full results including Routegadget, other analysis and officials’ comments are available on the 2016 Results page of the DEE website (scroll down to 3/4 September). Photos from both events are available here.

The Urban event was the 13th event in the 2016 UK Urban League. League tables and other details about this league are on the UK Urban League website.

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