Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

March Social 2017Blackhall, Monday 6 March

Alastair and Katy set everyone a testing challenge, based on 'O'nly Connect

Martin Caldwell describes the challenge:

"What do Liberton Road, Clinton, Ghana, 25 and Jupiter have in common? Answer: each is the start of an obscure sequence provided by Alastair and Katy Lessells. Around their neighbourhood were 21 controls and finding them, or a good number of them, was the easy part. If you get three in the same set you can attempt to guess the common theme of that set for extra points. The fourth in the set is never given, but if you know the theme and work out what the fourth would be then there is another bonus.
Seven of these sets gave us a lot of ground to cover and seven opportunities to be bamboozled by a hidden sequence, particularly for incomplete sets. The struggle to work them out was well relieved by an excellent supper provided by the Lessells."

For those who missed the social, here's the puzzle:

1 2 3 4th word in set link
A Liberton Road Craigmillar Park Mayfield Gardens ? ?
B Paisley Livingston Westhill ? ?
C Clinton Romney McCain ? ?
D 25 49 121 ? ?
E May Cameron Howard ? ?
F Jupiter Saturn Uranus ? ?
G Ghana Ivory Coast Liberia ? ?

And here's the solution: March 2017 social - solution

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