Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

Moravian Mountain Bike O Weekend25-27 June 2021

A small band of ESOC MTBO enthusiasts ventured north with their bikes to take part.

Moravian Orienteering Club presented a full weekend of mountain bike orienteering, with 4 events, incorporating the British MTBO Championships (1st, 2nd and 4th events):

Friday 25 June (evening) – Middle Distance event at Anagach
Saturday 26 June (am) – Sprint at Sanquhar Woodlands
Saturday 26 June (pm) – Middle Distance event at Altyre
Sunday 27 June – Long Distance event at Darnaway Forest (Conicavel)

Keith Dawson commented before the weekend:
"There will be four world class races starting on Friday evening, with courses for all abilities and experience. Some glorious terrain, and foot orienteers will be familiar with Anagach, Altyre and Darnaway. Fantastic maps and planning by Steve Smirthwaite, who has been involved in two sets of World Orienteering Championships Foot-O maps. The weekend incorporates the British MTBO Champs. Not to be missed!"

Janet Clark reports:
"Six ESOC members took part in the splendid MTBO weekend organised by Moravian Orienteering Club.
The areas were familiar to most: Anagach and Darnaway for the Middle Distance and Long races, and two smaller areas in Forres, Altyre for the Sprint and Sanquhar Woodlands for another Middle. But the maps and the thought processes were quite different, and a steep learning curve for some!
Route choice is all-important, while watching the "rideability" of the track and travelling three times faster than usual. It truly combines the two great sports of orienteering and mountain-biking. It was fun to watch the experts; and the lightweight bikes used by the "professionals" are quite an eye-opener compared to normal bikes.
The weather was just right, warm but not too hot; and in what little spare time we had, there were lovely cycle rides on the beaches and riverside tracks under colourful midsummer sunsets. It was such fun to be away at last!"

The results from all four events, including Routegadget, are on the Results page of the Moravian Orienteers website.

The British Mountain Bike Orienteering website also has a brief report from the British MTBO Championships here.

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