Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

Moray Mix 2016Culbin Forest, 29/30 October

This was a weekend of events in superb terrain, organised by Moravian Orienteers, with a Middle Distance race on Saturday and SOL7 on Sunday. Many ESOC members competed in both events.

The Middle Distance event on Saturday 29 October was in Culbin West - courses snaked around Hill 99, with its huge outlook tower, and through intricate dunes interspersed with flatter areas. The weather was sunny and it was a very pleasant day.

ESOC results in the top half:
Blue (62 competitors) – Claire Ward 1st, Keith Brown 16th
Green (85) – Alison Cunningham 11th, Roger Garnett 17th, Janice Nisbet 20th,
Ian Pyrah 23rd, Margaret Dalgleish 38th, Jamie Cunningham 41st, Les Dalgleish 42nd
Yellow (17) – Calum Robertson 1st, Rowan Lawlor 5th

The final event in the 2016 Scottish Orienteering League was on Sunday 30 October, in the eastern part of the forest. This was advertised as “an orienteer’s dream”, and indeed it was, with very complex sand dunes covered in pine trees. There was generally little undergrowth, though some slippery lichen in places as well as some brashings. The longest courses went out onto open ground near the shore itself, and all the harder courses had a long leg with challenging route choice (on the black course, the long leg was 3.9km!) The weather started off cloudy but cleared to a beautiful autumn day.

ESOC results in the top half:
Short Brown (39 competitors) – Claire Ward 5th
Blue (70) – Keith Brown 35th
Short Blue (45) – Alison Cunningham 17th
Green (67) – Janice Nisbet 20th, Ben Brown 29th, Sally Lindsay 30th
Short Green (51) – Mary Williams 15th, Eleanor Pyrah 22nd, Bill Stevenson 25th, Fiona Findlay 26th
Light Green (54) – Rachel Brown 5th
Orange (57) – Jamie Lawlor 14th, Maja Robertson 16th, Joseph Lawlor 25th
Yellow (45) – Laurence Ward 8th
White (26) – Calum Robertson 5th, Rowan Lawlor 7th

Full results, Routegadget and other details are on the Moravian website:
Middle Distance event page
SOL event page

Further details about the Scottish Orienteering League are on the SOL page of the Scottish Orienteering Association website.

The Junior Inter-Area competition took place alongside the Culbin events, with the Relays on Saturday and the Individual as part of Sunday’s SOL event. Several ESOC juniors competed for the East area team. The West area won the competition.

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