Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

November Social 2020Sunday 29 November

The first social in some time was a Zoom quiz on Sunday 29 November to mark the end of the Quadruple-H Challenge.

Hanne Robertson reports:
“24 ESOC members got involved in the H theme of the night. Fran and Malcolm Humphrey wore their historic HALO outfits; HALO (Humberside And Lincolnshire Orienteers) is their old club. Malcolm wore a Humber Bridge Relay T shirt. There were appearances from headphones, headbands, holly, hats, Helly Hansen tops, Haribos, hot chocolate, hills on background screens, halloumi, Thea managed to float a neat virtual halo above her head and Walter drank a couple of beers starting with H (but not the one that refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach!)
There were five rounds of questions - Hanne provided “Lots of Hs” where the subject and/or the answer was an H, and “Maps in Literature”, so there were appearances of the maps from “Winnie the Pooh”, “The Wind in the Willows”, “The Hobbit” and suchlike. Fran, Emma and Rebecca tested “World Geography” knowledge around the letter H, Sharon had a “Scottish Hs” miscellany, and Walter finished with “Guess the orienteering age class of the Celebrity”, all of whom had H as either their first initial, second, or indeed both. Did you know that Dame Helen Mirren is a first year W75? It was great fun and only overran by an hour!
Thanks to Fran Daley for the smooth running of the technical part of the evening and congratulations to the three winning teams, who were unable to be separated even after a tie break question: The Rowe Family, Jackie & Martin, and Katherine & Thea!”

The social also included the presentation of the John Colls Award. This is awarded annually in memory of former ESOC member John Colls, for outstanding service to ESOC during the past year. This year it was awarded to David Robertson. The trophy was engraved in advance, handed over in a covert operation to Hanne and hidden by her at the Robertson house, ready to be presented to a shocked David!
Recommendations included:
"This person together with his whole family takes an enthusiastic and active part in everything that goes on in ESOC and contributes hugely both behind the scenes and in the front line. We are lucky to have this person".
“He has done a huge amount of work over the last year in raising awareness of ESOC on Social Media, which is really necessary in this day and age and never really happened before. He keeps up to date with what is going on and publicises it relentlessly, resulting in increased membership. He also gets ESOC featured regularly in the Evening News Sport on Tuesday column.”
“He fills many specific roles for the club – Child Protection and Welfare Officer, Social Media guru, lead on the All Ability project and Press Secretary. He is a regular Planner, embracing the new MapRun technology, and as a club volunteer for ESOC he is always there to help; his cheerful, friendly and approachable manner is a great asset. He makes everyone feel welcome and appreciated.”

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