Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

November Social 2022Portobello, Tuesday 8 November

This social offered a choice of orienteering or turfing, with a chance to catch up over drinks afterwards.

David Robertson coordinated the latest ESOC social. Here’s his report:
“The November Social activities were another 60 minute Score or ESOC FTT#8, this time in much of the area covered by the new Portobello map.
There was steady drizzle to greet the early orienteers at 'The Cake Stand' on the Prom and the weather had meant delays to public transport, so participants were set off on arrival to save hanging around. Thankfully the rain stopped shortly after 7pm and it was quite a pleasant night for a run.

The Score had a total of 37 controls on the A3 1:3500 map, with a list of questions printed on the reverse side. At each control there was a question to be answered, such as recording street furniture serial numbers, information on plaques or describing features at that control. Having to fold and put the map into a bag made it fiddly to handle for the early runners.

Meantime ESOC FTT#8 was underway. This was the first Turf event I have planned and I was delighted to see how straightforward it was. Zones were given names relating to the seaside. To make it a bit more fun, particularly when regulars ESOCKisakat and CoolEsocAds were signed up, I tried to give some zones seaside shapes like a crab, a jellyfish and a yacht. Some were placed on the beach itself as it was low tide around 8pm.

Congratulations to Alistair Black for coming top on the Score Quiz with Alison O'Neil and Martin Caldwell close behind him. ESOC FTT#8 was won by MarkkuEsoc followed by ESOC-HR just pipping bythesea. Well done to ESOCKisakat and CoolEsocAds for being such good tour guides.

Some of us then popped into 'The Espy' pub on the Promenade for a drink and chat.”

The Turf event map and full results are available on the ESOC FTT#8 Event page on the Turf website. It’s worth a look - zoom in to see the fantastic zone shapes!
Details of how a Turf event works are in this document: Participating in a Turf Event

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