Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

October Social 2022Penicuik, Tuesday 11 October

The October social took place on a fine evening and was well-attended, with a street score event or a foot turf event, followed by drinks.

This social again offered a choice between an urban score event and a foot Turf event, both from 7 till 8pm, with similar numbers of runners.

Roger Scrutton planned the orienteering, which had an interesting twist. The event started and finished at the Craigie Hotel, with a run on a 1:7,500 Open Orienteering Map to and from the Ladywood Estate, where competitors used a 1:4,000 orienteering map showing a ‘dumbbell’ score course. The aim was to visit controls in pairs, one at each end of the dumbbell, before moving on to the next one.
Roger commented: “10 folks did the urban score and appreciated the added interest of the dumbbells. Ewan Kerr ran over to Ladywood from the Craigie, visited all the dumbbells and was back in about 40 minutes. Martin Caldwell soon followed in about 47 minutes. Since the exercise was very informal I then lost track of all those returning, but I think Ian Pyrah and Karena Hanley were close to visiting all dumbbells and returning in an hour.”

Mike Hodgkin planned the Turf event, ESOC FTT#7, centred on the Craigie Hotel, with zones named after characters and places in The Lord of The Rings. A series of zones around a park, named after the dwarves, proved popular. And at the end, there was a Crowdy at the nearby zone CraigieBog.
The Turf event map and full results are available on the ESOC FTT#7 Event page on the Turf website.
Details of how a Turf event works are in this document: Participating in a Turf Event

Most people stayed afterwards for post-event chat and comparison of route choices in the Craigie Hotel.

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