Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

October Social 2023Silverknowes, Tuesday 10 October

Everyone enjoyed this social, which offered a choice of orienteering or turfing, with drinks and chat afterwards.

Mark Rowe reports:
“The October social took the dual format of a 60 minute score orienteering event and 60 minute foot Turf event running concurrently.

Helen planned a great 60 minute score around Lauriston Castle, the Silverknowes golf course and all fields in between, on the newly extended map of the area. It was a pleasant evening and the open areas led to plenty of opportunity to stretch the legs.

Turf planner féarglas set up a foot Turf event with a set of zones for the adults covering the Muirhouse and Silverknowes areas, along with a special child-friendly (no road crossings) set of zones for the junior turfers and it was fantastic to have some healthy competition amongst the younger ones making it all worthwhile!

After the events we had a natter and refreshments in the Lauriston Farm Toby Carvery along with a prize-giving. The winners of the score event were James Ball amongst the seniors and Alexis Gow for the juniors. The Turf winners were ESOCWalter for the seniors and ESOCKisaKat amongst the juniors, both of whom are becoming quite successful at picking up the honours at the ESOC socials!
Many thanks to both of our planners for a very successful event and to all that came along. It was great to see a variety of faces, from relative newcomers to the club to those towards the other end of that spectrum!”

Full details of the Turf event are on the ESOC FTT#12 event page of the Turf website.
See this document for a description of how a Turf event works: Participating in a Turf Event

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