Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

Pentlands Longish ‘O’Courses are on MapRunF and MapRun6 from 13th March.

Opportunities to get out on the North Pentlands for some orienteering on longer courses

Keith Brown has planned 3 longish courses for us on the North Pentlands.

These are ideal for those of us who are desperate to get out on to the hills for some orienteering. There are no kites out there but the courses are on MapRunF and MapRun6 from 13th March and will remain there. The starts are close to Dreghorn which is why the Dreghorn map has been attached to this web item. The area covered by the courses extends westwards and southwards well beyond the area covered by the Dreghorn map.

There are no challenges this time round however you are very welcome to post pictures on the ESOC Members Chat WhatsApp group or on any other social media.

There are 3 courses available and you can download and/or print off a pdf of each course (see below) if you need this. The Chuckie Knowe course is TD2 (yellowish level, fairly easy navigation but with stream crossings and not suitable for buggies) and the short and long courses are TD5 (hardest level navigation).

Each pdf below has a text page as well as a course map. THE TEXT PAGE HAS DETAILS OF THE COURSES, WHERE YOU COULD PARK, AND SAFETY ISSUES. Note that it can take a little longer than usual to download each pdf, be patient!

Pentlands LongishO Chuckie Knowe, 2.3k

Pentlands LongishO Short Course, 4.9k

Pentlands LongishO Long Course, 8.2k

SAFETY: Please ensure you are prepared for any late winter/early spring conditions. If the conditions at the area turn out to be too challenging when you arrive please go back another day.

COVID GUIDANCE: Please follow all the current Scottish Government guidelines for outdoor exercise in place at the time you choose to run one of these courses. At the time of writing the Scottish Government guidelines are subject to change as we emerge slowly from lockdown. Please take care to keep up to date with the guidelines and laws as they change.