Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

Sad newsRIP John Colls and Tom Ryan

It is with great sadness that we have learnt of two untimely deaths and we extend our sympathy to their families:

John Colls was an Honorary Member of ESOC, a rare breed indeed. It seems no time at all since we were all talking and laughing in the usual way at Moray 2013; and benefitting from his vast experience as a Controller. Houses throughout throughout Scotland proudly display his book: “A few Surplus Maps” on the bookshelves, so John will always be remembered for that, in addition to the great good company that we all enjoyed through knowing him and Sheila.

Tom Ryan discovered orienteering in Holyrood Park on New Year's Day more than ten years ago, when ESOC was prevailed upon to provide simple orienteering as part of the "Parklife" activity programme devised by the Scottish Executive. He rapidly became a very good orienteer and a very fast runner, and ESOC was proud to have him as a member. In his student days he joined FVO, who were equally proud of him.

More details about both John and Tom can be seen on the Scottish Orienteering Association website.