Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

Scottish Championships 2013Craigengillan Estate/ Maxwelton Estate, 25/26 May

A fair number of ESOC members travelled to Ayrshire for the Scottish Championships individual event, with some great results; unfortunately, less than half could stay on for the relays.

The individual event was on Saturday 25 May, at Craigengillan Estate by Loch Doon, last used for the Scottish Championships in 2007. The terrain was mostly open hillside with tussocky grass and heather, and lots of rock features, then some woodland towards the end of the courses. There were two starts, and the longer courses had some serious route choice to avoid a steep-sided ravine.
The weather was fine and sunny, but not too hot, and there was an excellent grassy assembly field.

ESOC Trophy winners were Craig Nolan (M18), Andrew Lindsay (M20), Jim Clark (M75), Heather Thomson (W35), Janice Nisbet (W60), Anne Stevenson (W65) and Janet Clark (W70) - congratulations!
Other ESOC members in the top half of the results for their class were:
M21S (7) – Andrew Dalgleish 1st
M35L (7) – Ray Ward 3rd, Mark Rowe 4th
M50S (7) – Keith Brown 3rd
M55L (22) – Crawford Lindsay 10th
M60L (16) – Roger Garnett 4th
M60S (3) – Bill Stevenson 1st
M65L (22) – Alastair Lessells 6th, Roger Scrutton 10th
M65S (2) – Robert Findlay 1st
M70L (12) – Bill Gauld 5th
W10A (7) – Rachel Brown 4th
W45L (21) – Helena Nolan 10th
W55L (12) – Sally Lindsay 3rd
W60L (14) – Mary Williams 3rd, Margaret Dalgleish 6th
W60S (6) – Fiona Findlay 2nd
W65L (11) – Eleanor Pyrah 5th, Maureen Brown 6th

The results for the Individual event are here, and Routegadget is here.

The relays were on Sunday 26 May, at Maxwelton Estate, near Thornhill (this was part of the area previously known as Keir Hills). The terrain was a mix of open fields and woodland, and there were some very fast times. The start was steeply uphill, as was the finish – this was quite challenging, but meant the handover area was fairly relaxed, as those waiting had plenty of warning of the incoming runners.
The weather was again fine, and there were lovely views of the surrounding countryside from the assembly area.

There were 6 ESOC teams:
Men’s Open (7 competitive teams)
ESOC Eagles 5th (Andrew Lindsay, Ray Ward, Andrew Dalgleish)
Handicap 20+ (14 competitive teams)
ESOC Kestrels 3rd (Sally Lindsay, Margaret Dalgleish, Crawford Lindsay)
ESOC Buzzards 4th (Alastair Lessells, Roger Garnett, Roger Scrutton)
ESOC Curlews 7th (Anne Stevenson, Bill Stevenson, Heather Thomson)
ESOC Lapwings 11th (Janet Clark, Jim Clark, Simon Firth)

Special mention must go to Les Dalgleish, who ran both 2nd and 3rd legs for ESOC Crossbills, as we were a runner short – the team was therefore non-competitive but finished just ahead of the Lapwings.

The results for the Relays are here, and Routegadget can be found here (scroll down to 2013-05-26 and select the appropriate set of courses).

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