Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

Scottish Championships 2016Balmoral, 21/22 May

A large ESOC contingent competed at the Scottish Championships on Deeside, with many excellent runs and some trophy winners. 

Balmoral Castle is just west of Ballater and was a splendid setting for the weekend’s events, with the Event Arena on the cricket field not far from the castle itself.

The Individual event took place on Saturday 21 May. The area includes three hills, so there were some steep slopes, with lots of rocky ground and some sizeable crags. There were two starts; those on the longer courses, from the far start, found the terrain in the western part was generally more runnable. There was a good network of paths and tracks, and some interesting cairns and statues, as well as good views of the surrounding area.
The weather was mostly fine and sunny, though there were some sharp showers and it was quite windy (enough to blow over one of the portaloos!)

Congratulations to the ESOC trophy winners: Jim Clark (M80), Maja Robertson (W10), Heather Thomson (W40), Mary Williams (W65), Eleanor Pyrah (W70) and Janet Clark (W75). Rona Lindsay won the Scottish Native Champion trophy in W21E.

ESOC members in the top half of the results for their class were:
M10B (8 competitors) – Calum Robertson 3rd
M12B (10) – Adam Clark 3rd
M21E (16) – Andrew Lindsay 3rd
M40S (4) – Walter Clark 1st
M45S (7) – Mark Wood 4th
M60L (11) – Crawford Lindsay 6th
M70L (15) – Ian Pyrah 6th
W10B (7) – Megan Brown 1st
W21E (10) – Rona Lindsay 3rd
W45S (8) – Judy Bell 2nd
W50L (22) – Alison Cunningham 3rd

The Relay event was on Sunday 22 May, and the courses looped around the northern hill, revisiting some of the terrain from the previous day, but often approaching from a different direction.

ESOC had 7 competitive teams:
Handicap 11+ (15 teams)
ESOC Jedi 4th (Craig Nolan, Walter Clark, Janice Nisbet)
Handicap 17+ (11 teams)
ESOC Rebels 5th (Rona Lindsay, Alison Cunningham, Helena Nolan)
Handicap 20+ (27 teams)
ESOC Land Speeders 3rd (Alastair Lessells, Ian Pyrah, Heather Thomson)
ESOC Falcons 12th (John McLaren, Janet Clark, Keith Brown)
ESOC Lightsabers 15th (Judy Bell, Eleanor Pyrah, Mark Kassyk)
ESOC Gungans 20th (Anne Thom, Jim Clark, Leonne Hutchinson)
Junior 44- (19 teams)
ESOC Sith Lords 14th (Rachel; Brown, Jamie Lawlor, Ben Brown)

Full results and other details are available on the Scottish Championships 2016 page of the SOA website.
Some photos are available in ESOC's Google Album Archive:

The Individual event is replacing the cancelled Baluain event (SOL 4, originally scheduled for 5 June) as a scoring event in the Scottish Orienteering League. Further information about the 2016 Scottish Orienteering League is on the SOL page of the Scottish Orienteering Association website.

The Individual race was the 9th event in the 2016 UK Orienteering League. League tables and other details about this league are on the UK Orienteering League page of the British Orienteering website. After this event, ESOC was lying 23rd in the club league.

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